I Want My Network Marketing Business to Grow, But Do I Really Have to Talk to People?

One of the hardest things to get over, for many people just entering into a network marketing business, is their fear of approaching others with their opportunity. Even when they get someone interested in learning more, the phone feels like it weighs a ton when it comes time to follow-up. Usually this comes from the fact that they are just getting started and are insecure with their knowledge of the business, i.e. the products, pay plan, start-up packages, etc. This will quickly pass as you get more comfortable with the company you have joined. But, for many, especially those who just aren’t outgoing personalities, this is a key issue that needs to be addressed early on.

The biggest reason for fear is usually that the person new to the business is afraid that they will say the wrong thing in regards to questions a prospect might have. What you need to keep in mind, when talking to someone else about your business in the beginning when you are still learning and getting into the swing of becoming a network marketer, is that the more you can keep the conversation focused on “the why” associated with starting a business, the more comfortable both you and the prospect will be and the more rapport that will be built between the two of you. Remember, at the end of the day it is you, and not your company that a prospect will be joining. Try an indirect approach with someone you think might benefit from being in your business, perhaps, “I just got involved in a new business venture. If you know of anyone who would be interested in adding an extra $1,000 of more in income per month, would you mind passing along my information?” Hand them your card.

I’m betting most people are not only going to take your card, but they are going to start a conversation with you about what you are doing, because they do, in fact, know someone who could use that extra $1,000 – them! Now, it’s them approaching you and not the other way around, which allows you to control the conversation. Don’t go into a lot of detail at this point, perhaps talking briefly about why you joined and attempt to identify the prospect’s own “why”, perhaps saying something like, “What would an extra $1,000 per month do for you?” The sooner you can get the prospect to identify why making money from a home business might be important to them, the better. That “why” should be the center of all subsequent conversations you have with the prospect as you work to solve their need. Then, offer to take their email address and send them more information (hopefully you have joined a team that has developed some outstanding presentations that answer most questions regarding the business), and let them know that you will follow up after they have had a chance to look over the opportunity. The follow-up is when you should be scheduling a three-way call with an up-line (sponsor) expert who can assist in answering any remaining questions until you are experienced enough to be that person for one of your team members, and that day will come.

Yes, you do have to talk to people in order to build a successful network marketing business, but you don’t have to be the be-all, know-all expert on all aspects of the business, especially when you are just getting started. Concentrate on the people side of prospecting, building a relationship with your prospect and lean on your sponsor or other experts on your team to assist you in getting a prospects questions answered. You’re not in this business alone, take advantage of this to the fullest. You need to keep in mind that you are helping people live a better, more financially secure life by introducing them to network marketing, so use that knowledge to motivate you past the fear of talking to people.